Pendle Poucher is a Brighton based composer, sound designer and lover of funny noises.

He has written, produced and performed soundtracks for every major UK TV station and many more all over the world. He has devised large scale public art projects and written chart-topping dance music, occasionally his work has won awards.

Pendle used to play guitar in Rough Trade signed, art-pop combo Butterfly Child , but these days he releases his own music as alter-ego idmonster. Recently he attempted to storm the UK Christmas charts by producing/playing and arranging a record made with percussionist Dame Evelyne Glennie plus some bees, ducks, goats, and various household objects.

some recent work

Lindsay Seers' Artangel commissioned installation, Nowhere Less Now at the Tin Tabernacle, Kilburn, London and MONA , Tasmania.

Binaural headphone sound/music/noise for the 30 minute multiscreen film.

Nice Guardian review here.

DreamThinkSpeaks'  The Rest is Silence. Brighton, London, Newcastle.

Like all DTS shows that I have worked on this is pretty hard to catagorise, its like theatre but with lots of film and a totally immersive 24 channel soundtrack that I composed and sound designed.

Another nice Guradian review here.

Idmonster album, Be more like water coming soon on Knitted Cat records.

Other recent work......

Sound design and music for artist Lindsay Seer's ( winner of  Derek Jarmen and Peter Hamlyn Awards ) shows: Entangled,  Monocular , It has to be this way,  Extramission shown in Tasmania, Toronto, Denmark, Austria , Liverpool, Tate Margate,  The Baltic in Gateshead , and Rugby, UK and a series of short films for Channel 4

A series of permanent sound installations in several rooms of the National Trust's Averbury Manor which is nestled inside an ancient stone circle in deepest Wiltshire.

TV soundtrack for Hidden, a BBC 4 part dark thriller starring craggy grump Philip Glenister and lovely Thekla Reuten. Co-written with Rob Lane ( Merlin, John Adams ) 

Sound installations and surround soundtrack in a disused Art Deco department store to for DreamThinkSpeak's amazing Brighton Festival show Before I Sleep.